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The Knowledge Base = Our Secret Weapon

The next set of questions will help us start populating the Knowledge Base for {{answer_10509033}} and better serve your new and existing customers.

What is a Knowledge Base you ask? A Knowledge Base is basically an adaptive FAQ system that is customized to your business.

Creation of a Knowledge Base makes it easy for your HelpSquad to quickly access information about your business and interact with your customers just like you would.

When a customer contacts {{answer_10509033}} or starts a live chat on {{answer_10509038}}, the knowledge base is instrumental in ensuring 1) the customer is taken care of quickly; 2) questions are answered with professionalism and poise, and 3) customers leave feeling great about your brand.

If customers get the information they need without difficulty, they will regard their experience as positive. A strong Knowledge Base typically REDUCES SUPPORT EMAILS by 50% and INCREASES SALES EFFICACY by 60-70%. So yeah, it's important =)
Do you have an existing FAQ page or Knowledge Base? *

Great! What is the URL for your FAQ page?

We will use this information to create a custom Knowledge Base for your HelpSquad and customers. This helps your HelpSquad answer questions like you would and make sure your customers are getting the best information possible.
From MOST to LEAST important...
Which list prioritizes your needs for HelpSquad the most?

If it's important to you, it's important to us.  Priorities can change at any time, but tell us what's important right now and we'll go from there! And in case you're wondering, "Customer Intelligence" means analytics and intelligence about your online customers and their habits.

Thanks, {{hidden_firstname}}. Now, an important question...besides providing top-notch support and resources for your customers...

What is the MOST important Call-to-Action (CTA) your HelpSquad should focus on? *

Have multiple goals or worried they might change? No problem. Your Squad Leader will stay up-to-date with new goals or any changes in priority.  We just want to make sure your Squad is laser-focused on {{answer_10509033}}'s most important goals.

"Tell Us About {{answer_10509033}}'s Customers"

Understanding your customer's browsing and buying habits helps us customize an approach for engagements with your existing and prospective customers.

Customer "Intelligence" is a big reason why companies get a HelpSquad, because well...we're good at it!

Think of us like the SEAL Team Six of Live Chat and Customer Interaction, and we'll think of you like our Commanding Officer =)
Can you describe the typical customer of {{answer_10509033}}? *

(e.g., "Most of our customers are urban-dwelling women age 30-45 who value physical fitness but don't have the time to go to classes at gyms," "Our customers are all very different, but we think there is a lot of potential with millenials graduating from college," "Lumberjacks with beards who live in Montana, because we sell flannel shirts that make you look more manly.")
What are {{answer_10509033}}'s most popular product(s) or service offerings? *

You know what people love about {{answer_10509033}} and what draws them in, so tell us what your customers are most excited about!
What "hook" or unique selling proposition(s) have worked best for {{answer_10509033}} in getting new customers/users/signups/etc.? *

(e.g., "We are 5x cheaper than the solution you're currently using," "All of your competitors use us, why don't you?" "We have the best reputation for customer service," "We invented a hot tub time machine, do I even need to tell you it's awesome?")
We believe keeping existing customers happy helps companies grow just as much as getting new customers.

What do you do for existing customers that keeps them loving {{answer_10509033}} and coming back for more?

(e.g., "We provide existing customers with special discounts and offerings," "We offer extended free trials to users who don't convert to paid subscribers").  If you don't do anything special for existing customers, that's totally fine.  Just hit OK and move on.
{{answer_10509033}}'s Customers are Our Customers

And your customers deserve the best! We know {{answer_10509033}} deals with customers in their own special way, and your HelpSquad takes that seriously.

The integrity of the {{answer_10509033}} brand is very important to us, so we want you to feel super comfortable with the language we use during our customer interactions.

The next questions will help us determine the right "tone" to use with your customers over live chat.

Your HelpSquad is comprised of specialists who are trained in the art of converting unhappy customers into brand evangelists and website browsers into buyers. But even though we're trained pros, we still want to make sure we represent your brand like you would, so your Squad Leader will reach out to you and make sure your HelpSquad is only using language that you're comfortable with before they start engaging customers. Sound good?
We speak to your customers like you would, {{answer_10509028}}.

Which of the four response tones best fits the tone you'd like us to use with {{answer_10509033}}'s Customers?

If none of these tones seem to fit, select "Other" and let us know the tone you'd like us to use with your customers.

We have designed our plans for all types of businesses! From small growing business, to larger more established businesses and everything in between! Which plan do you feel would best suit your needs? *

Thanks for all your efforts {{hidden_firstname}}! 

A HelpSquad Leader will reach out with the next steps, so look for an email/call from them within a day! 

We can't wait to show {{answer_10509033}} we are worth it!
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